We owned the Free Union Schoolhouse from August of 2000 to November 2020. Homeschooling our son, Jack, through an integrated curriculum led to researching the history of the building and introduced us to many of our neighbors who had links with the old school. The school closed in 1945 and when we first arrived there were five former pupils still living, all of who we met and most of who were interviewed by Jack and his fellow homeschoolers. Sadly three of the schoolhouse alumni have since passed away, but it was our honor to have met them.

With Jack graduating highschool, Warren County Community College and finally Hodges University in Florida with a Master’s Degree Lorna and Phil changed professions and Phil did that a number of times. Phil left his software engineering job with Alcatel-Lucent and started a small engine repair business for a number of years before joining Lorna to tutor students with dyslexia under the business name Wise Owl Services. We also ran educational workshops and adult presentations under the name Wise Owl Workshops for a number of years. Today, Lorna and Phil live in an apartment in Hackettstown, NJ. Lorna continues to tutor students, but now online due to the Pandemic and Phil has returned to his original career, but this time as a freelancer working online.

After freelancing for several years, in 2020 Jack cofounded a web design and development cooperative called Pollinate with Phil and two friends in Arizona. He currently rents a townhouse in Hackettstown with two friends, and is making plans to get an apartment with his girlfriend, Shaina, next year.