1. "The Kids Guide to the Cycle of Life and Death" by Jan Thornhill
  2. "Once Upon a Tomb: A Collection of Gravely Humerous Verses" by J.Patrick Lewis
  3. "Worms Eat Our Garbage" by Mary Appelhof, Mary Frances Fenton and Barbara Loss
  4. "Prairie Children and their Quilts" by Kathleen Tracy
  5. "The Family News" by Catherine Zahn
  6. "Uncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead" by Judy Goldman
  7. "Caring for the Dead - Your Final Act of Love" by Lisa Carlson
  8. "Your Guide to Cemetery Research" by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack


  1. Gravestone Artwear has amazing cemetery art T-shirts, gravestone rubbing kits and Raven cloaks plus much more
  2. Keystone Memorials Check out the latest in gravestone/cemetery artwork
  3. Handmade Grave Blankets:  The Mountain Lake Fire Company sells them from the first weekend in December through Christmas at the Sign Shop on Route 46 in Butzville, NJ.
  4. Veteran Grave Markers : These should only be bought through a company that make their own. Sadly, many veteran grave markers have been stolen and sold on, but this is illegal.
  5. Last Things What is a natural burial? What is a home funeral?
  6. Green Burial Council has more information on green and natural  burials
  7. New Jersey Historical Society