Funeral Home Visit

Ever visited a funeral home when it wasn't holding a viewing or funeral? It can be a fascinating and fun experience, and an opportunity for children and adults to ask some of life's important questions.

We were grateful to have the chance to visit Cochran's Funeral Home in Hackettstown, and be shown around by the proprietor, Chip Cochran:

Chip Welcomes Us

Left: Chip welcomes us, tells us how his grandfather started Cochran's 100 years ago, and gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions.

Right: In the casket showroom - it never occurred to me that there would be one, but it makes sense.

Below: Urns for the ashes after cremation.

Casket Showroom



Left: Everyone wanted to see the hearse

Right: Posing for photos in the lobby.

Posing for photos

This is what I learned at the funeral home. The Cochran Funeral Home is in Hackettstown. The Director there is named Chip. Sometimes people call the funeral home at night or in the morning after someone died. But someone is always there to talk to. People that work at the funeral home might put chemicals in the body. People come and remember his or her life when a funeral is happening. After the funeral is over they may cremate the body. When the body is going to the cemetery it rides in a car called a hearse. What happens at a cemetery is that they put the casket with the body inside it in a hole.

- Nathaniel, December 16, 2006