Green Burial - by Jack

For years Americans have been preserving their dead with chemicals (embalming), metal caskets, and concrete vaults. But now things are changing.

Green Burial, which prohibits all use of chemicals as a way of preserving bodies, is growing in popularity. It is available in eight states now, and is an environmentally safe way of burying your loved ones. Here is how it came to be.  

For a usual burial you use both a coffin and a vault to keep the body preserved, but this can lead to a far more disgusting decomposition, and can cause parts of the body to explode! Another idea that's catching on is “home burials”, where the deceased person's family help with the burial and often hold the viewing in their house.

Green Burial, however, takes this another step by encouraging people to stop using preservatives and bury their own dead. Finally, ashes to ashes, and dust to dust might mean something again.